The Spiel
I have been working as a full time graphic designer for the past 9
years giving me an in depth knowledge of graphic design and visual
communication. I have the experience of working for three companies
in their in-house design department as well as a major City Centre
Design firm, which included clients such as Merseyside Police, Integral
Housing, Liverpool City Council, Mersey Regional Ambulance Service,
Liverpool Associates In Tropical Health, Liverpool Community College
and many more.

I currently am head designer for a large multi million pound turn over
car company in the North West. I was brought in to set up a working
in-house design studio from scratch.

I have experience of working in various design environments and
I make sure I deliver any objectives I am faced with to the highest
standard. I love graphic design and this website is just another way I
can share some of the vast work I am producing daily. Please check
out my online CV or blog page. Plus, if you would like a quote for any
work, please get in touch.

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